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When it comes to producing beats and making Hip Hop tracKs, whether you like it or not, Davy D is one of the best in Hip Hop.  His story is one of struggles and break through so for Music to come into his life serving as a positive outlet, lets just say MUSIC DOES & CAN CHANGE LIVES.  In this post you will see Davy D as just the man he is behind the music….all grown up and headed in a new direction, yet still making infamous classics that we all can Move to. His track record stems from hits such as “Alotta” & “OYFA” by Los Debos, “Shell Bizzness” & “Kill Ya Self” by STP, “Hey Girl” by Vito ft Gucci Mane, “Rockin Ova Here” by STP ft Sean Teezy, “Work” by YaYa Da General, “Duece Bricks” & “Something like Mariah” by Eloh the G, “For the Low” & “Get Ur Spin On” by Bill Collector & the list continues by the day…

 To contact Davy D / Davy D Beats


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