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They are true Lovers of Hip Hop.  They’ve always been dedicated to this power source called creativity; whether it be through Spoken Word or Music, MisPlaced Poets have definitely created a sound that MUST be heard…that CANT go unrecognized.  They’ve blended the  words of poetry with their one of a kind tunes of bass, melodies, and “make you think” hooks.  Its not about being commercial.  Its not about trying to sell out in order to get radio plays.  Its about being true to HIP HOP.  Making people feel good again, connecting with people among the world through timeless music.   Here in this post you will feel how these poets feel at times….MisPlaced.  Through it all, P.I.M.P.EN (Power in my PEN) and Mondu (Motivation Over Negative Declining Us)  have maintained their integrity and always stayed true to themselves, so it doesn’t matter if you catch them at a show doing poetry, or music just know you won’t be disappointed in their craft; in their gift of sharing what they were created for.

To contact or Book Misplaced Poets:

    Twitter: @MisplacedPoets

   Reverb Nation/Misplacedpoets

   Facebook/Misplaced Poets


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