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When it comes to Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Live Music, Comedy, Acting, Producing and artistry as a whole, if you’re a performing artist then you must know about “The Green Room.”  The Green Room is an intimate,  instantly charming bookstore that holds an open mic event held here in Atlanta, Georgia which allows artist to showcase their talent in front of a live audience.  The energy is inspiring and the house band will definitely keep your foot tapping; your head bobbing.  I had the pleasure of visiting and performing last Friday at this event and I must say it was a fabulous experience.  Talent soared through the roof: Anthony Beedles, Neema Riley,  Anonymous ( The Band), Radio,  Ric Flow, Spenecia, amongst several other artist blessed the stage.  There’s this amazing, high charge energy that fills the room and doesn’t leave your body until you’re well off and on your way home so if you’re a lover of the arts this is definitely a magnetic force you’d want to be around.  

Here in this post you will see some of the artist who shared their talents.  You will see the emotion and passion that they have for their craft and how invigorating they seem to share their gift with the crowd. 

Terri Vaugh has definitely created the perfect environment for any artist to create whatever it is they want to create….. 

 ALL performing Artist are welcome every Friday of the month 

(The Green Room also offers acting, improv, summer classes for youth and adults.

Visit website to learn more.)



Contact Nikki McCauley, the producer @realgreenroom


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