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When it comes to dedication, drive, hustle and an overall sense of never giving up you gotta give it to Da Bill Collector.  From a young age he already knew what his passion was in life and he sought to never let go of that dream; that urge to be successful in whatever he did and of course as the saying goes, “Hard work always pay off.”  

When it comes to this music industry Da Bill Collector is NO ROOKIE.  Unsigned but yet an Underground Legend, Da Bill Collector has dedicated years of hard work & sleepless nights within the studio all for the love of his music.  As a Nawfside Atlanta inspiration and representative, Da Bill Collector has been been recognized on World Star Hip Hop as “Unsigned Hype.”  His work reigns from his “Grind Time Official” album (which you can purchase on for $8.99)  to his “Kill Bill Vol 1” mixtape featuring hits such as “4 da Low” (view youtube video).  He has worked with several artist including Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Davy D Beats, STP, etc & has featured on several hits such as “Duece Bricks” by Eloh da G, not to mention hosting mixtapes such as DbL L’s “12to12 campaign Vol2.”

I think its safe to say Da Bill Collector is what MUSIC NEEDS… why should he stop!

For Booking  Contact Da Bill Collector :

twitter: @bill1collector


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  1. Da Bill Collector says:

    U r the bomb, thx for everything, getting ready for the next shoot!!!! Again thank you!! #TeamBill #RentDue #BillPaid #BackToDaMoney

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