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At an early age he learned that with music you can escape.  That you can lose yourself within the sound.  Words are powerful and being unafraid to voice your opinion without fear of ridicule holds even greater power.  It started off with poetry competitions but after exceeding the level of his peers KING JAMEZ  carried his passion over to music being inspired by Tupac Shakur’s, “Me Against the World” album in 1995.  

Here in this post, I introduce you to KING JAMEZ.  He is an indie artist on the B.E.A.S.T. Nation (Black Entrepreneurs Always Stand Tall) label who is consistently winning the hearts of audiences around the globe by painting his lyrics with story telling rhymes.  His laid back, yet full of life demeanor and undeniable stage presence captivates his peers, thus he has a strong bodied support system here in Atlanta, Ga.  He is committed to success with no intentions of falling back towards the side line.  Keep your eyes and ears open for this artist is guaranteed to be around for more than a couple seasons.

For Booking Contact King Jamez:

 For more pics, full bio & B.E.A.S.T NATION merchandise:

  To hear KING JAMEZ music:


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