I normally begin my Exclusives off with a crazy or “off” type of question. I do this to slightly throw my interviewee off. Not in a bad way, I just want a real answer…  I sat down for my second Exclusive with Spenecia Fleming: The master mind behind Spen Effect Photography. It’s a year later, where is she  now? I simply asked her what advice she would offer to anyone with just a camera and a dream.

“Keep shooting. Great shots don’t come from just one moment. You have to have multiple moments. Wherever I go, my camera goes, I am ALWAYS shooting.  You never know what your eye can potentially catch.”

Just a year ago, Spen Effect was just a developing concept in the mind of one of Atlanta’s hottest poets. I have watched her grow from snapping pictures as a hobby to making it an amazing career. Spen Effect is growing fast and its taking beautiful form. I’ve watched spen hustle and make her way to the top. She continues to climb….

BK: How did you take “Spen Effect the thought into Spen Effect”, The Reality? What was the process like for you branding “Spen Effect”?



Spen:  It was just all about me going out and hitting shows. I was doing Spoken Word heavily, so naturally, I began taking pictures of a lot of the artists on stage doing their thing. I also have friends that rap, do poetry, promote, and own venues. I began networking with new people. It just grew. Of course: my grind and my hustle. This is something that I believe in.  It’s Art, and I’m an artsy type of person. As long as I can be me and artistic, I’ll put my all into whatever it is that i’m doing.  It’s just like when I was doing Spoken Word constantly, I put my everything into that. It is a craft that I love, Regardless of anything, I’m clean and don’t believe in sloppy work.  Bottom Line.

BK:  Spen Effect is a budding business.  With that being said, you have invested so much time and energy into developing and making sure it grows, where are you with Spoken Word? Do you still perform?

Spen: I’m keeping it GP. Guilty Penmanship, we’re still doing shows. We actually just did a show On April 5th in Columbus, Georgia (Shoutout to JustUS Poets). We’re still getting shows but now we’re just more selective where we perform. We don’t do a bunch of open mics and stuff but we’re still out. My partner Mondu Starr also has other projects that he’s working on as well but we’re still working. We’re going to stay GP forever, even though  we’re just a duo now. With all of our personalities, we still consider ourselves a collective.

BK: What is the likelihood of Guilty Penmanship coming out with another project?

Spen: Most likely, we’re planning work, now. I actually just called Mondu and was like “ Yo, when are we going to start linking back up? I’m always writing and ready to create.

BK: What is next for Spen Effect? I see you’ve really taken off in like 12 months. I see “Spen Effect” more and more, everywhere.

Spen: the next move for Spen Effect is continuing to expand and honestly, just taking great photos. It’s another art form, like spoken word except its frozen.  I want to work with other people who aren’t too afraid to be open and comfortable. I like to take pictures off guard. Sometimes those are best shots. I just want to work with people who want to work with me. I want my pictures to be everywhere; billboards on 85 downtown, promo pictures for movies…. I’m just taking it one step at a time. I know that won’t happen over night. You gotta put in work, and that’s exactly what I’m doing; Putting in Work…  I’m not afraid to believe in me all the way.

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BK: Why should people fukk with Spen Effect Photography vs. Joe Blow Photography down the street?

Spen:  I deliver high-end quality for a great price. My prices aren’t insulting, they’re economically friendly.  I’m very in-tune with my clients. I’m not just going to snap some pictures and send you on your way. I’m going to connect with you probably more than any other photographer will. In order to be comfortable, you have to be able to connect with who is shooting you. I’m more personable than most of these photographers out here because they don’t want to do all that. Within a five minute conversation, we can established a connection enough to where i’m bringing it out on film.

BK: In a city like Atlanta where the media and  photography market is over-saturated with photographers, how do u compete?

Spen: I don’t compete because the minute that you start looking at this as a competition, you lose you and you start to add extra, unnecessary pressure because there is so much talent here. Everyone stays in their own lane and has their own styles of photography and I just stick to MY style of photography.

To get directly @ Spen, Check her out @: http://www.speneffect.wordpress.com

Twitter @ speneffectatl

Special thanx to Joka Films (top photo)


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